Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Don't mess with me!

Nothing makes me crankier than being overcharged. *ESPECIALLY* when I've already brought the overcharge issue up and been assured 'it will get fixed at the next billing cycle.' Had to bring the smackdown to my CC company and to Bookmobile today. *cracks knuckles* Yeah, I knew you'd fold - I had all the proof I needed, and the gumption to make the phonecalls. Took an hour of my morning, but we're talking several hundred dollars.

Oh, and no, no Columbus Day holiday for me. Unless my new work computer isn't delivered, which, honestly, I'm really hoping it isn't, because I'd love to get more caught up. (I'm rather resigned now to the fact that I'm just NOT going to get completely caught up ever again, and have settled for 'somewhat caught up' and 'not too behind.') But hey, I got a Sunday, and am feeling much recharged.

A contract, an advertisement and a letter of recommendation are next on my list this morning, then more order-filling. Then maybe dayjob work, then an evening working on the electricity to get the hot water heater plumbed in. (YES!!)

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