Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

September review

Before I get feeling too depressed about what I want to get done in October, let's review September...

Almost nothing here - just that half-progressed inkwork I posted a few days back and rough sketches for a project.
I did just about finish two submitted descriptions, but not by deadline!

I filled lots of orders... got soap pre-orders out, kept up (mostly) with new orders, a bunch of print services, a bunch of other various things.
I got the anthology, finally (though I still haven't shipped it, I DO have tomorrow off and two new reams of paper).
I got character cards finalized at PA. And, despite the wild enthusiasm, none of them have sold.
New bookmark tassels
New purses and wallets in, but I haven't had time to test-press and photograph them!!
Updated EMG-Zine site rather extensively.
Worked on the new look, but couldn't finalize it in time for October (and currently am in hate with my efforts...)

New window is in. (This was a HUGE task.)
Bathroom is... actually a BATHROOM.
Floor is prepped for paintage.
We have *real* front steps.

200 word short.
Torn World - a few pages of storyboard, much world refinement. Started up a resources wiki and posted a teaser page. Re-read all the stories I'd already written and didn't hate them. SO excited about this.
2 scenes for the fire-lizard plague and several scenes for some related storylines.

91.5 hours from Aug 26-Sep 26.

I got jeans that actually fit.
And StarGate Season 10!!!!
Sent various random gifts and was able to commission a few sketches and save towards some more.
Snow tires on my car
Sick cat cared for and mended

It doesn't feel like as much as other months. I think that deceptively short entry for 'work' may be part of that problem... Bastard bills!

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