Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Losing track (lists)


Finish cleaning studio (about half 3/4 done!) Good enough!
Back up recent files
Finish EMG-Zine news - announce new purses and wallets, Wish3 vol 1 promotion and bookmark tassel upgrade, new EMG-Zine organization, Anthology is in, soap nearly out, ears and...? - close enough. Tired and burnt out now.
Finish EMG-Zine feature
Re-write EMG-Zine menu to take out reviews
Re-write EMG-Zine guidelines
Re-write EMG-Zine main page
Press purses to take photos (or just add wallets??)
Load of laundry (if there's enough water)
Finish oldest lot of orders
Invoice for printing service orders (2) - 1 down! (But another one just in...) - all 3 done.
Get new artists set up and go through paperwork (update certificates, etc) - they're in one pile now instead of 3, at least...
Get RTH art uploaded
Get EMG-Zine gallery up
Re-do EMG-Zine cover and header graphics
Yoga workout (already stiffening badly from yesterday - will be crippled tomorrow if I don't)
scoop cat box

This Week:

Print samples and write contract for agency stuff
Work - next two days are off!
Finish orders
Invoice and send all the pre-orders for the anthology
Switch tires (Mon)
Cat to vet (8:30 Mon)
Dentist (2:15 Mon)
- Great, two fillings and a cleaning scheduled for later in the month!
Gaming (Tues)
Finish next oldest lot of orders
Find someone to come and do filing - getting desperate!
Order t-shirts and totes (Mon eve)
Wholesale order (by Wed)
Get new giftshop work up
Refinance mortgage (our interest rate went up to more than 10%... guh)
Send 3 giftses...
Take sample pack of work to places in town.
Finish Firelizard plague scenes
Get second light in bathroom wired in so it's not a firehazard
Finish zombie-lions commission
Mat pictures for sister (by 5th)
Finish inking TMaS piece 2
Start inking TMaS pieces 1 and 3.
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