Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

We have a window!!

At long, long last, we tackled the missing window in the bedroom. We'd built for a 2 x 3 foot window, but never put it in because it didn't meet egress requirements, and finally, FINALLY, we reframed and put in a big 36 x 42 inch window! It's HUGE, it's right over the bed, and all of a sudden our bedroom is no longer a little dark cave. Very pleased. LOTS of work - we had to rip out some electricity, tear out the insulation and some studs, replace some studs, re-cut insulation, and put the actual window in, on the second floor, from the outside, on a ladder. (I was NOT on the ladder, as I am not great with heights and the window weighed a LOT.)

I also got the floor prepped for repainting downstairs, and finished wiring in the heater, main light and vent fan in the bathroom.

Sore this morning, and tired. Worked 7 hours on Friday instead of 4, but plan to take TUes and Wed entirely off to try to catch up. Forgot to buy paper so I could invoice the anthologies. *sigh* Couldn't get my car in for tire rotation on Friday, have an appointment for Monday. Along with a vet appointment for vaccines, a dentist's appointment and work. Still not sure how I'm going to juggle that...

Today: clean the studio. Disasters-ville, seriously. And, go through paperwork. AND, EMG-Zine. And I've got commissions. Maybe I'll just go back to bed...

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