Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Today. And Jeans.

Today, I got no orders out. I don't feel too horrible, because instead I did very vital things, like fix an error in my shopping cart that sent me a blank order line if you didn't select a color. Woops! and of course, I did not manage to discover this on a simple order from a close friend... oh, that would be FAR too nice. No, it had to be on a large wholesale order from a new client and it happened for like 11 items. 'Cause life's awesome like that.

Anyway, all fixed now. Funny what a few little words of code can do!

I also wrapped soap, because I was clean out (hahahahaha!) of wrapped soap again, and unless I decide to order more (a slim possibility), that's the last wrapping I'll have to do. It's ALL wrapped. Most of it's sold. I still have a small stash of the smaller prototype bars left, and maybe 8 of the large left in Elder and Molerat.

Plus, I came into work early (due to leaving early yesterday), and did dishes, and tried to teach the very sulky Norway to use his new doghouse. (A big fat NO on that one...)

No anthologies waiting at the post office, yesterday or today. My fingernails are down to nothin'.

But, I did get a nice order from Cabela's... and I am wearing jeans that FIT. This is worth blogging because it is a minor miracle for Ellen. Usually, I buy a size 8 or 10, just so they'll hit somewhere close to my ankles, but according to Cabela's, I am a 6 long, which isn't way huge at the waist and baggy through the thighs, and still IS actually long enough! I ordered - with much trepidation - the 'modern cut,' which was advertised as low-cut, which I tend to avoid as I dress pretty modestly. But wow! It's SO comfortable! I don't have a waistband folding up when I'm sitting, and it's not as low-cut as I'd feared - no flashing of the underpants. I'm in awe. Who knew that jeans could feel this good? I didn't! I knew my torso was oddly short (I'm all legs and neck, like an ostrich), but it never occurred to me that that applied to jeans.

So, here I am in fresh jeans, marveling at my comfort. Back is better, stomach is full of mystery chicken from KFC and it's time to get back to drafting...

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