Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thank you, folks who commented on the last entry! Typo fixed and input much appreciated. (Not too late, if you still want to weigh in...)

I'm at work and probably not going to stay the full time, because yowsahs! My back is killing me, still! Maybe I'll snitch some of Jake's morphine for this one, 'cause the Aleve and ibuprofen aren't touching it. Been a while since I was this ouchy - really shouldn't have tried to manhandle the shower walls into place by myself. :(

(But OH, still loving my bathroom, and very, very happy with the cranberry haul. We had some in apple pudding last night... mmmm...)

EMG-Zine reminder! Our November theme is 'AIR.' Work is due by Oct 1!

(I KNOW some of you have elemental-type pieces that would fit right in!)

Alright, going to go beg off the rest of my day of work now, go to the post office (pile of orders! Caught up to.. mm... last Tuesday's orders, maybe??) and go home to ice my back. (Trying not to think TOO optimistically about possible packages that may be waiting for me, because I don't want to have to wrestle them today...)

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