Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Yay for cranberries, boo for back!

Went out and picked 2 quarts of cranberries today - found the motherlode! Patches that you could sit in the middle of and pick with both hands in two different directions for a good ten minutes before needing to move. Norway enjoyed it, too, and once he figured out what I was looking for, thought he could help by finding and eating them, too. Silly Norway - cranberries are for people! He made faces while he snorfed them up, I don't think he was exactly *enjoying* the flavor.

Alas, between cranberries and yesterday's endeavors, I am in agony - I didn't realize how much until I stood up from the last fistful of berries and started for home. Oww. OWW. Will be taking it easy the rest of the day, by necessity.
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