Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Today, I was an electrician.

I added two new fuses to the fuse box - one for the bathroom heater and the other for the vent fan and lights. I wired in three switches, and would have also wired in the above mentioned heater, vent and lights, but we were out of wire nuts and it wasn't quiiiiiite worth a drive into town just for wire nuts.

We also got the shed leveled (it had been a little bit off-level basically since we put it up, and the doors didn't shut quite right until today), fetched a load of water, a bale of hay and a dog house for Norway, put the electricity in a trench to where we'll be parking, put up walls and a door to our shower, and... I guess that was it. I think that was enough! It was a hard day's work, and it felt GREAT. I really enjoy work that feels like work - it's more... worklike than sitting at a computer or drawing. Not that art or computer stuff isn't work, it's just more mental work, and there's something in the bones that needs to get up and work once in a while, too.

The walls and doors to the shower was pretty much my project while Jake and Matt did the heavy lifting bits - the components had been outside for six years, and had many moldy leaves to unstick and spiders to squish.

My bathroom looks AWESOME*, and we did get the 'night light' wired into the light, so you don't have to leave the door open or bring in a flashlight anymore. V. happy with that.

Very tired, as well, and going to make an early night of it.

*In this case, my standards are very low, as the floor and walls are still unfinished. But still, clean and walled and lighted are vast improvements over the overcrowded, all-wrong storage closet that the bathroom was.

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