Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Falling Upwards

I have my husband back! He was only gone two nights this time, but it was a stressful two night, what with Velcro being sick, too.

Plus, he came back with StarGate season 10!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!

Now I have tough choices... watch season 10 without having seen any of season 9?? Buy Season 9? Finish watching Space, Above and Beyond first? Get back to work and quit wasting time watching any TV?

At work now, so it's option 4 for the short term.

Some orders out this morning, all except the ACEO papers and soap orders, and I've got half-finished order bits stacked up for those. Only 4 Savage Orange left in the big size! After that it's smaller bars! And I've had wholesale tickles on the Elder Clean I've got left, so don't be waiting!

Also, yes, I joined, too: http://members.enchantedfolk.com/ellenmillion

(a lot of you have found me already, thank you much!)

Ran sideways into one of my best friends from high school - actually TWO of them, in the last few weeks. Very odd and 'let's do the time warp'-ish. I wonder if I was actually as pretentious and naive a twit as I suspect I was back then? One of them is in Canada now, and one in Australia. I always figured we'd take over the world... :P

Back to work!

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