Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Velcro update

(Cut'n'pasted from an email with the husband, because I'm tired.)

> How's the little idiot?

I brought her home and she seemed a little better. Not perky, but she purred when I petted her (an improvement). I gave her about a teaspoon of the wet food, and she wasn't awfully interested, but ate a little. Then she went up to the catbox, strained out a little droplet of diarrhea, puked up her teaspoon of food, puked some more, and crawled under the drafting table.

She didn't like it when I wiped her butt because she was smearing poop on the floor.

I came upstairs a little later to find that she'd finally passed a hard little turd, and left it standing on end for me right in front of the bedroom door.

She's lying in front of the heater now and seems a little happier.

We need more paper towels.

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