Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sick Velcro

Totally stressed.

Velcro was sick all night. She started vomiting and acting like she had constipation about 8, which is... well, not normal, but not unheard of for her. She eats something she shouldn't (like the little tear-strips off of clearbags) and it gets stuck in her poop, and she strains so hard she throws up her dinner. By morning, she's usually left me various piles of throwup and a few stools somewhere unappreciated, but usually wants breakfast and love like nothing's happened. Maybe turns her nose up at food, but always is perky again and drinks. This morning, no drinking, no loving, just quivering miserably underneath anything she can stuff herself under. Totally unhappy, little pockets of diarrhea the size of peas ALL OVER the studio and upstairs, plus about a dozen foamy puddles of throwup. Still making regular stops to try to squeeze something out, but nothing comes but those little pea-sized, smelly, smelly poop puddles. Her tail and hind quarters were nasty with the stuff. I sponged most of it off with damp papertowels, but she did NOT appreciate the attention. Totally ignored the water I brought her. Took like an hour to clean up all her messes.

Very un-Velcro, and very unhappy, so after gnawing on my knuckles trying not to be a worry-wart cat mom, I called the vet, who said 'bring her in!' So, she's at the vet's now - they wanted me to leave her for a few hours to rehydrate and check her behavior, etc, and I called in late for work and I'm trying very hard not to worry because it's probably just something she ate and she'll be fine, but still, very stressed.

Doesn't help that my back is aching like crazy today, shoulders and neck, too. Picking cranberries? Wrapping soap? Can't decide, but something I did doesn't like me one bit. No appetite, but eating anyway so I don't have low blood sugar to add to my general stressed-out-ed-ness. Norway's a little puzzled that I took the cat away and didn't bring her back, and Jake was gone last night and will be this night to Nome, so his little dog world is all upside down.

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