Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


What a day! Jake helped me out with orders (a very valued rarity), and I got ALL of the soap preorders out! Woot! There are a few orders from this last week in my inbox still, but everything invoiced is out and shipped! I made a big push to get them all out today, since I had listed the 15th as the shipdate, and I do like to, yaknow, do what I say. My studio looks like a shredding factory exploded in it, I'm completely out of bubblewrap and shipping popcorn, and I have no wrapped soap left at all. (I was so sure I'd overdone it, too, looking at my tall, leaning piles in the evenings!)

I'm getting perilously low on Savage Orange soap, so that you're warned. I've been filling orders with the secondary batches of soap, because these are larger bars, but when I run out, you'll be stuck with whatever prototype bars I've got in stock! (Difference is about 4.8 oz compared to about 5.3, and I think I've only got 10 left of each at this point.) Probably won't be restocking soap again before Christmas.

I almost left the really large last order, because it was 7 PM, and I was running out of steam, but Jake prodded me, and punched out the stickers and magnets for me, and they're all done, done, done.

Really NICE to have all that stuff out of the studio again. Just need to sweep up the shreddings (to the dismay of the cat, who loves to skid into them).

I've been noticing my wrist and elbow were hurting, but couldn't figure out why until I wrapped the last handful of soap I needed. Oh. That! It'll be nice to give them a bit of a rest again!

I ramble. I'm tired!

Anthology ships on Tuesday, and I am SO nervous about it. Please be a good book. Please tell me the choices I made are good ones. Please be useful and pretty and look like I knew what I was doing. Please don't get squashed in shipping or dropped in a puddle. Please be worth the 6 month hassle of trying to get you printed.

Stupid brain. I'm going to go feed it DVDs and burritos and hot chocolate and tomorrow I don't think I will even open my studio doors or come online.

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