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We're going to break down and get a digital camera. Any suggestions, and/or warnings? We want one that takes pictures quickly, with decently good quality (but nothing spectacular), that can talk with an XP. And isn't enormous.

Haven't been able to post any of my challenges to art_challenge due to scanner inaccessibility. Not that it's been inaccessible, exactly, as much as it is that I haven't had six fricking minutes in a row with it. I have lots of time to kill in the evening, but to get to my scanner or use a computer I have to drive 20 minutes back into town, deal with my parents (sweet, wonderful, nosy people who are lonely and want to chat), suffer a cold car, waste all that gas and time, and... well, I generally don't. We have a computer at home now, but it is Jake's, just like my computer is... well, EMG's and therefore mine, and he wants to play Civ and read up about the latest war news. (He went to military HS, and he's never lost that fascination with things that go boom.) I get some time on it; he's not a miser, but not a lot. So I've actually been doing a fair amount of sketching. Nothing in color, and nothing in ink, to speak of, but lots and lots of hours of pencil work. One of these days, when I'm not busting my butt on business stuff at my parents house, maybe I can scan some of the stuff. I've been on a real creative low lately, so I've been mostly going back and fixing up various old art, but I have managed a few new pieces. I even did some RWH art.

List of short stories I want to complete for Grindstone (they will probably total 10k words): Losing, No Promises (mostly editing; I suspect this won't boost my wordcount. Does deleting words count as a negative?), Leverage, Nothing Fair, ID Crisis, Pulling Rank, the unnamed Dapple story, and one cliche Jenny/Bjorn story for the storychallenge. I'll be very happy if I pull this off. Very happy indeed, no matter what the wordcount.

Jake's got a hockey game tonight, so I'll have some business time, yay! Muuuust update. I also have two orders to get mailed.

I think the war has been bumming me out rather subconsciously. I feel all tired out and disappointed in everything. I hear that the 'shock and awe' campaign has begun in Iraq. Here we go... Do I feel we're doing the wrong thing? I don't really go either way. Saddam is undoubtedly a cruel man who ought not be ruling. But I feel the same way about China's ironhanded administration (favored trade status, my sweet ass!), and North Korea's, and I'm not at all sure that it's America's place to do anything about it. The UN, I have very mixed, but mostly negative, feelings about. It's very odd to be getting up and going to work and buying groceries and drinking coffee, and to put that side-by-side with the pictures on the television screen.

I want to go home, drink hot cocoa, watch a girl flick without any violence or car chases, and snuggle with my cat.

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