Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


My results were pretty funny. I REALLY like to do too much stuff.

1.Bank Manager
Well, I suppose you could consider that part of doing EMG...

2.Industrial Engineer
3.Agricultural Engineer
4.Mechanical Engineering Tech
This is actually pretty close to what I'm doing at my dayjob now...

6.Association Manager
7.Health Care Administrator
8.Mechanical Engineer
This is my degree.

9.Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace was my emphasis for my degree!

10.Project Manager
This is pretty much what I do.

11.Arts Administrator
Or, possibly this.

12.Biomedical Engineer
Only when the cat has gotten into something she shouldn't...

13.Mining Engineer
14.Heavy Equipment Mechanic
15.Small Engine Mechanic
Funny enough, I WAS a machinist in school...

16.Human Resources Specialist
Again, one of my EMG titles, possibly?

17.Computer Engineer
18.Electronics Repairer
19.Engineering Tech
20.Automobile Mechanic
21.Diesel Mechanic
22.Aircraft Mechanic
23.Motorcycle Mechanic
24.Appliance Repairer
Worked for one!

26.Explosives Specialist

28.Management Consultant
29.Electrical Engineer
30.Civil Engineer
31.Industrial Machinery Mechanic

33.Materials / Metallurgical Engineer
34.Petroleum Engineer
35.Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
What the heck is this?

37.Stationary Engineer
No, I'm a stationery engineer. HAHAHAHA. I kill me.

38.Clothing Manufacturer
I do this!

39.Operations Research Analyst
40.Director of Photography

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