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Wedding was perfect. Shortest, sweetest, smallest wedding ever. (And Jake is unfiltered wonderful)

Driveway needs to be re-cut. Very depressing. Didn't get to bed until late last night, very tired this morning, and my arm and back are still *very* sore from Sunday. I'll be getting lots of chainsaw practice this week, and we're behind schedule now, which means business and that list of to-do stuff gets pushed further back.

Have sinus problem resulting in pressure in the ears that hurt like an s.o.b. No infection, YET. Taking antibiotics and prescription decongestants, but still have pain.

There's lots of good stuff, though. Our land is getting more and like a home. The turn-around space is leveled (Art is a wizard with the bulldozer!), and looks mostly like it's supposed to. We'll have lots of firewood, too, and we're finding several chunks of 'interesting wood' with crooks or bends or funky bowls that we'll make interesting things out of. We also plan to put a bench down where we got married. :)

Tomorrow's my day off of the day-job, and I plan on cleaning (the kitchen's getting gross: we ran out of water over the weekend, and we've been running around like headless chickens since we finally got more), and filling orders. Those being the most important on my list. In the evening, no matter how much I haven't gotten done, I'm going to have dinner with Melody (Jake will be out of town until late) and watch a movie. She's house-sitting for my parents.

Oh, and I scavanged together 4 scanned piece to start a Zone gallery... look for it in the next updates!

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