Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Laboring Day

Had an awesome weekend. Took Saturday and Sunday OFF OFF OFF... didn't do anything but watch TV, eat, clean the house and do laundry. Mmm... delicious-smelling laundry. (Yay, washer!)

Monday, I did orders. I didn't get 50 done. (*laughs weakly*) But I did get more than 20 done, and all but two of the non-pre-orders that needed-needed-needed to be out. Massive-looking pile of boxes and envelopes by the door to be carried to the car. Out of boxes again, and out of wrapped Elder soap. (Note, folks... I'll almost certainly be sold out by Christmas, so don't put off ordering them too terribly long...)

Our weekend accomplishment for the house was two-fold: our septic tank has been insulated in anticipation of the 'W' word. And, I have front steps!! I don't know if you ever squinted at any of the pictures I've posted of the front of our house (I don't post many because it it unpainted, un-trimmed, and frankly, ugly...), but we've always had thrown-together wobbly log steps. You had to step in the middle of them, or they'd try to throw you, and they were odd heights and not quite level. Now: REAL steps! It's quite astonishingly nice!

Printing the last of the orders I'll get out today, weighing and labeling, then I'll have some lunch and go in to the day job grind!

Eep! And land taxes are due today! Eep!

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