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Ellen Million

August was FULL.

I was writing up the EMG news for EMG-Zine tomorrow (yeah, I'm the worst of my own offenders!), and realized: holy hell. I have a LOT of news for September!

Arrrr! Avast, ye landlubbers, and hold onto the riggin', 'cause we've got a storm of an update a' brewin' here!

Alright, alright! I'll leave the pirate jargon to our fiction writers and get on with the updates!

Fantastic Portfolios

It's alive! It's alive! It's alive!

I am so happy to be able to unleash this site! Fantastic Portfolios is a gallery unlike any other gallery online. It's juried, which doesn't make it unique, but the method by which it filters work is totally new and very successful (if our happy beta testers are any indication - even artists who don't get in say rejection has never been so pleasant and useful!). Each piece of artwork is scored in nine categories by not one, but three, trained critics. Not only can an artist see, right off, which areas they are strong and weak in, they can also receive specific pointers and advice from our judges - even red-lines! It's a priceless resource for an artist wishing for an unbiased, critical look at their work.

Getting past our gold standard means artists get a marvelous, ad-free, professional-styled gallery page - one that an artist would be proud to point a potential client to. Already, the gallery is filling with wonderful, enchanting fantasy artwork, and there are tours available, as well as a great search engine. Be sure to register so that you can comment and mark pieces as your favorites! Membership is free... though there are extra perks for paid members, too! Check out the salon (the forums) while you are there - we've got public critiques available for your works in progress, and you can chat with other artists and share some industry tips.

EMG Giftshop

But don't think all my attention has been on Fantastic Portfolios this month! Not by half!

We've got new categories in the giftshop: Bath and beauty, and Costuming! They include hysterical new soaps with artwork from Ursula Vernon, and delicious lipbalm and solid scents with artwork by Jayde Hilliard. Both items are handmade and in limited quantities. Order early for Christmas gifts!

Ears, ears, ears! We've got one variety in stock and available now - marvelous latex ears! (Next month, we'll have fuzzy ears, too - you can see a sneak preview of these at the site!)

We've got three new calendars in stock! One from Ursula Vernon, one from Meredith Dillman, and one that showcases work by fourteen of our talented artists: Legends of the Sea.

As if that wasn't enough, we've also got a new coloring book available! The Dark Art of Robin Nunez, and a sale on all the coloring books for the remainder of September (or as supplies last!).

And yes, there are lots of new designs available, too!


EMG-Zine has fabulous news, also! We've got a great new editor at the reigns: Jennifer Broschinsky! She's tackling this issue as her first and has done a great job. Give her some love and send her some letters and articles to publish!

In addition, I've switched printers, and got the proof for the anthology delivered in about a tenth of the time for the entire ordeal with the last printer. (And hey - that section on color theory makes a lot more sense in color!) It looks great, these guys are pros, and I'm ready to open pre-orders (click on the cover!):

Portrait Adoption

We've got new artists! Be sure to check out all the great new portraits as they come available! And have you tried that wishlist feature?

EMG Print Services

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I will not be taking the EMG Print Shops out of beta in the near future. The beta testing proved to be too much extra work on my plate... not the just beta testing itself, but the work entailed with making individual stores work. I know I wouldn't be able to deliver the fabulous service artists and customers have come to expect if I took on this extra work, too. I am keeping the emgprintshop.com domain for the future - perhaps some day I'll have a staff I can sluff that kind of work to! A very warm and heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped beta test it, and to Tom for building it for me! We'll revisit the idea in the future.


This project continues to be back-burner but still a-broiling! But right now... I need some sleep.

Ya know... I think I'm a bit entitled to feel a little tired. Most people couldn't do that. Let alone do that in a month holding down a part time (engineering!) job, spending 10 days of that same month doing a fair, while filling more orders than usual and still managing to keep a healthy relationship going, and install a washer, too. Not all of it is me, and most of it has been more than just this month in the making, but damn! You guys are right, I DO get a lot done! Go me!

/moment of ego.

And YES, the anthology proof came in today, and it looks a hundred jillion times better than the last proof (except it's missing 2 pages, but this time that was totally my fault and an easy fix!) - and pre-orders are now open. If you are an involved artist or writer, you can order at wholesale prices - just log into the lilypad and go shopping! The initial run is just 200 - and I sold out of Visions in 6 weeks, so if you want to make sure you have copies for Christmas, order sooner than later! (This one, at least, I WILL be able to reprint!) If I missed your name on the list (or if you aren't an existing EMG artist) just let me know and I'll fix it. My head is sort of swimming and I'm really very tired, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are omissions. I really wanted to get it up tonight. I will double-check things tomorrow!

And did you check out the awesome rotating apple image at FP? OMG - so wonderful!! I could randomly browse the galleries by clicking on it for hours...

On the downside, problem with laptop may not be harddrive - it passed it's check? Hmm...

PS: Was asked to work over the weekend. Laughed weakly at the boss and said no. NO! Me, I said no. Boss was fine with that.


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