Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A modest rush of moderately bad news, which hasn't dampened my spirits a bit!

Monday's boxes didn't make it for Dragon*con! Rats!!

The harddrive on my laptop is looking likely to fail! Rats!!!

The feed for the Epson 1280 is not-so-slowly dying! Rats!!!!

On the upside: those boxes weren't completely necessary, and the postcards DID get there in time.

A failed harddrive is not really so bad - swap out the drive with a new larger one, reinstall windows, reinstall some software and drivers. Blech, but at least it's better than 'mystery errors.' (And it amuses me no end that every technician that takes the base of my laptop off says "Oh My God." Seriously, every one of them has said this! It has desktop memory, which is awesome for me because that's so much cheaper than laptop memory, and bigger, and easy to install. It also explains why the thing weighs 30 lbs.)

I'm not sure I need to replace the 1280 - I can do everything I need to with the other 2 printers. It was nice being able to run the 4000 and 1280 at once, but not needed.

I shouldn't be so happy for how exhausted I am... but things seem really okay. I'm to the point where the deadlines are past (or out of my hands), I've done what I could, and... the showing isn't so bad. Still behind on orders, but another dozen or two went out today, and I'm getting more together. I'm treading water with emails.

Taking Monday off altogether.

Work now.

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