Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I've run out of boxes and envelopes!

Orders are in leaning piles by the door to go out... and I'm utterly wiped out of priority flat rate envelopes, and the squarish flatrate boxes. I also have none of the smaller boxes I need for the smaller soap orders and I'm down to my last box of rectangular flatrate boxes. I ordered from the USPS 2 or three weeks ago, but those could take 2 days or 2 months to get to me - I'll have to raid the post office when I drop these off.

Doing well on my day so far! Much soap packed up and ready to ship, and many calendars. Haven't tackled the heatpress stuff... had to clear a path TO the heatpress to get to that point. Work this afternoon, and then gaming. Progress on one commission, contact on another, successfully sluffed off another on someone else. Need to put in a few orders, waiting to hear back the damage on the anthology order and a final press date first. (No reply from comixpress yet...) Dreamhost is on to fix those uploading issues.

Dentist appointment Sept 5th, and I've got to schedule one of those joyful yearly exams so I can get my BC prescription renewed. Bleh.

May post artwork later...

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