Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Critique bribe... and status of projects!

I want to get the fantastic portfolios forum up and active as we launch into our grand opening (this week, folks! This week! Eee!), and one of the areas I'd like to see get more life is the public critique board.

So, here's my bribe. Go post any WIP you've got going there, and I'll personally give it a good Thorough in-progress critique, red-line if necessary. This week. Earlier the better. Hopefully, you'll stick around and return in kind, of course... and we've got some bang-up folks who like to give advice, so I think we can really turn these forums into a goldmine! *hitches self to the front of the plow...*

Be sure you register at the forums with Fantastic Portfolios in your interests or location to expedite you membership at the forums. You can edit it out later.

It's been a long haul getting to this point, and more than a little scary and 'not ready, not ready, not ready!' but I always feel that way the week before a project unleashes...

Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't. I will NOT be closing down print services, but I WILL be closing down the emgprintshop.com sites. These were the hosted shopping cart sites that let artists create their own little shops. It was a great idea, and I will keep the domain and possibly revisit it later, but with just me in the studio, and committing to half-time day-work, I can't do it all. The returns on this idea were not as great as I'd supposed or hoped, so I'm going to shut it down completely on the 1st and concentrate on the gazillion other projects I'm juggling.

Other status reports:

EMGtarot is still way back burner but 'happening' (so work on those tarot designs!)

The print services are still up and going, and I will still drop-ship. I just can't invest the time and effort into setting up shops and customer interface. The print services page deserves an overhaul, and that will happen sometime next year.

Submissions to the EMG giftshop will be closed 15 October - 15 January (at least - I reserve the right to keep 'em closed longer, too!).

Portrait Adoption submissions will NOT be closing. They are way easy for me to deal with, far easier than giftshop things. Don't sweat those!

EMG-Zine: if you don't get me some ninja-themed work, I'll send ninjas after you. And we don't want that, now, do we?

Pricing on individual cards will be going up mid-September!! Individual cards will be $3.00. There will be a 2/$4.00 option - that will be the same price as they are now. But it's about as much work to make 2 cards as one, and orders with sixty gazillion individual cards, while I love my customers, were about to make me tear my hair out. The time to put those orders together was unreasonable compared to their pricetag. And I'm never, EVER unreasonable. (*snort*)

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