Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Yeah... don't mess with me!

Wrote my not-nasty letter to Comixpress finally - felt un-angry enough but still had a good level of righteous entitlement going on. I believe these are good guys, but jeezus... the title page has first printing listed as March 2007 and I missed ALL of my shows with these books... AFTER I was assured I would have them. Not a happy Ellen.

Bookmobile tried to pull a fast one on me... maybe not on purpose, but they were all 'oops, we didn't quote you for full-bleed on those pages,' and I wrote back with my original email requesting, VERY SPECIFICALLY, full-bleed on those pages (even making a big deal out of them) and told them I'd been clear, and would be very, very miffed if they pulled a bait and switch on me. They totally lived up to their original quote. Yeah! Ellen wins. ('bout time!)

I'm waiting to see if Avalon even tries to follow up with me. I took my files off my server, we'll see if they ever even bother with me.

And, a trouble ticket into dreamhost to get them to kick the server regarding high res files uploading.

Wow, I'm just a complaint a second, ain't I? Sooo difficult to work with, I'm sure. What with all these expectations of greatness adequacy!

Sucking in breath and ready to strike several projects with some energy! Woot!

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