Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Don't do as I do...

I do not recommend this style of life to anyone wishing to retain their sanity.

I've been getting up early to get some EMG done before work, and coming home from work to do EMG, and spending my lunchbreak at the post office. (Today, they returned one of my dragon*con packages because it should have shipped by dimension instead of weight, so my click-n-ship label was inaccurate... have I mentioned how much I love flat rate lately??) Last night I was literally running from end to end of my studio: heat press timer is beeping! Printer is out of paper! Paperjam in the laser printer! Three printers going! Laminator feeding! Heat press beeping again! Stack of totes fell over! Cat is eating plastic! Printer is out of paper! Heat press is beeping again, and steaming ominously! Bookmarks are curled up because I wasn't paying attention to the laminator and I have to run them through again! Heat press is beeping! Printer thinks it's out of paper when it isn't really! Drop into bed at the usual time and get up early...

Only two orders out, for all of that, but they were big ones, and I've got one less big box in the studio to trip over.

Tried installing my scanner AGAIN this morning, and failed, AGAIN. Time to call in the experts. Tomorrow, my big plans are: orders, art, chiropractic visit (if I can get ahold of the office!) and take my laptop to the shop.

But to make that happen, I have to get this project out TODAY, and the Boss just bled all over my drawings, so I'd best get drafting...

(Fortunately, this is a TEMPORARY schedule... no one can do this without burning out, trust me!)

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