Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Two more boxes...

...mailed to Dragon*Con. Plus a stack of orders finished (in the car to mail) and another stack heatpressed but not packed yet.

4 hours of work today, 6 tomorrow, so I can take Friday completely off. (and work...)
Got my official employment paperwork in today, and have SEVEN timecards to keep updated. UGH.
Did a site visit today and took pickters of really boring pipework that I have to combine into one and stuff through a grease trap somehow. Actual ENGINEERING, OMG! My brain, it hurts...

Tonight - more orders, and that darn card art. And maybe another D*C box. If I don't get anymore boxes off to D*C it will not be a complete disaster, at least, but I'd like to send more soap (which needs wrapped) and some prints and cards.

break over, back to thinking.
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