Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Jake called while I was in tears over trouble trying to install (re-install) my stupid scanner - I was getting a bad 'can't read memory' message while doing the installations, and a chkdsk was giving me unrecoverable errors! GAH! I've spent all morning on it, which is time I really don't have to spare, and it's more than a little scary and yeah, I just backed up all my files. Deadlines looming, orders late, webpage has been down WAY too much this week, I suspect by the amount of spam I didn't get today that I've lost a LOT of email, I'm very, very frustrated, haven't gotten a paycheck from my 'dayjob' yet, spent $1000 yesterday on work on the driveway...


But Jake cheered me up enormously, gave me lots of 'it'll be okays,' and 'do what you need tos.' We're going to go out to lunch when I get in to town, and I'm going to give a good think to what's stressing me out so badly. (Besides the desire to take a hammer to my laptop right now and being so far behind...)

I may close down print services for a while. I may delay the un-beta-ing of FP (I want to make it prettier, still, but it's fully functional now, so maybe not). I may close artist giftshop submissions rather sooner than I wanted to. I may quit some of my fanclub obligations. I may see if I can get someone in to help me fill orders this weekend or early next week. Who knows. There are options! Panic subsiding!

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