Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*bangs head on keyboard*

So let me tell you about my day.

I had the day off from my dayjob today. Boy, was I looking forward to today.

So I get up, usual time, make coffee, drag Jake out of bed, and take him to work. I go to mom and dad's, have a rather nice shower, and head off to do running around.

Go over to Alaska Transfers (very groovy place I get my mousepads and mugs made... Kev rocks), but they aren't open yet. Hours say 9 am, it's already 9:30.

So I go to OfficeMax. I had a $10 off card, and I needed some heavyweight matte. I still have that card, because I forgot to actually use it while I was at the store. Doh!

Ran over to JoAnns and bought a gorgeous length of tapestry to hang as a temporary wall for the bedroom. I like it enough that it may be a permanent wall hanging. Actually a fairly pleasant shopping event, though I had to wait an awful long time for a clerk, and I was already fidgety over doing family stuff on a business-specific day.

Back to Alaska Transfers. Still not open. Had a stack of mousepads to press and some mug files to get, and orders held up. Grumpy.

I'm all rared up and ready to go updating my webpage. Not too phased by my troubles so far. Small fish. I have some fantastic new artists to introduce, and ton of gorgeous work to put up. I'm anticipating getting them all put up this afternoon. I do some work at my parents house, resizing images for the web, writing some emails and printing some prints for Marilyn. I stop by the post office, bank and MBE to pick up a contract.

I head back home (20 min drive), because a lot of the webpage updating has to be done via the Internet, and I have dsl at home now. (Yay, dsl... it's tremendously fast!)

Problem one: all of the thumbnails for Lonnie that I ftped to EMG were broken. Problem two: I hadn't put Kristen's image up at all! Doh!

So I called my dad, and stepped him through re-uploading my files. Which he does. Lonnie's images are all still broken, and I'm still not sure what went wrong, but there's something wrong with the image files. I'll have to recreate those thumbnails. Kristen's image came through as expected.

Still, this isn't a recipe for a bad day, is it?

Uploading the txt file for my new CCNOW products went remarkably speedily.

I re-downloaded some of Ursula's files because I wasn't able to unzip them. This is it's own fun little circus, through no specific fault. First time, they won't unzip. Second time, they won't unzip. Third time we go for tifs, screw this unzipping nonsense. No go, the files aren't complete. Fourth time, one of the two files comes across perfectly. Yay! I start downloading the second, a whopping 82 Megs. About 2 hours and nearly 50% through, brilliant Ellen chooses 'YES, restart my computer, I feel blonde and idiotic.' So, four and half hours later, and 100% downloaded, Ellen grabs for the mouse and ... I'm still not sure what happened. Seems the way the settings on IE were set, tifs open automatically, in some xp pictures and fax viewer. Closing said viewer closes the image without saving. Somehow, said viewer got closed. A frantic search revealed no files anywhere on the hard drive of more than 50 some megs. A second search revealed no files of the correct name. A manual check of all the temp folders and recycle bins revealed nothing helpful. I'll try downloading again tomorrow when I'm through gnawing on my fingernails and tearing out my hair.

Besides, I don't really need them today, because I broke my webpage!

I got two entries uploaded, and have apparently not gotten the hang of greymatter. The other available items page is all broken pieces. For some reason the artist link goes right back to the main page. I made the dopey mistake of trying to rebuild those stupid connecting files and have broken my email list request and drawing forms. I have managed to upload exactly one new artist, who has not been added to the sidebars, with only one design, (the slowness and the dozen plus edits entirely my fault because I cannot read instructions). And, as mentioned, even that much doesn't work quite right yet.

My back hurts, I am frustrated, I argued with Jake, I'm tired, and it's been a seriously long day. So, I stuck up a vague 'under construction' on the front page of EMG, and I went to get a drink. The world is going to war, and nobody really does - or should! - give a crap if there are a few broken links on some obscure webpage. Most of it still works.

Oh, but I did get a neat postcard in the mail today. Thank you Brandie!

And, I went to the bank and discovered I won't need to carry a balance on my EMG credit card. Much relieved by that!

In all, it wasn't honestly a horrible day, just a frustrating, time-consuming day with lots of little irritants. I feel much better having wailed into cyberspace, drunk a few shots of peach brandy, and coaxed Velcro into doing her best warm lump imitation in my lap. I'll tackle EMG tomorrow.

edit (10 PM): I wanted to note that a sense of humor and a few hours of distance are remarkable fixatives for horrid days, and that no one had better be feeling guilty... unless it is of laughing at me. :P

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