Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Puddle of Ellen

Went to the hotsprings yesterday for a much needed soak. The pool was hot enough that it turned into lobster dips - just couldn't stay in much longer than a few minutes without turning beet red and feeling woozy. Ahh...

Must get stuff together for Dragon*Con the next few nights, so I'm skipping gaming tonight.

Also, we have a washer that needs hooked up, and an excavator showing up at our house tonight.

You read that right - a washer! As in, a washing machine! Holy cats!

Worked today at the day job, a whole 8 hours (since I skipped out yesterday to hotspring)... mostly puttering around the empty office trying to figure out reimbursement forms and answering the phone to soothe frantic, panicked customers. And doing webstuff for my boss' webpage, which will be awesome and hopefully forestall many panicked phonecalls in the near future.

Inbox is down to ~130, which is half what it was this morning, and LOTS of those are orders that will go away when I run my invoice program again. (I LOVE my program...)

This week, I need to re-do the anthology, and then get an amazon pro account, 'cause I've got enough titles now to make it worthwhile! Woot! Coloring books and calendars will be available through amazon.com, yeah baby!

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