Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Guh! Very random post...

The last three days of the fair are typically CRAZY. Thursday is canned food day - free entry with some canned food for charity - and EVERYONE tries to come on that day, and folks are all realizing 'oh, I have to decide what to buy 'cause the fair ends in a few days...'

Pleasepleasepleaseplease let the calendars get here today!

Many thanks to those of you who weighed in on the soap and lipbalm informal poll - I've put in some orders and we'll see how far those get me. Both items will be available at my booth in the dealer's room at Dragon*Con (I won't be attending, but it will be ably manned by Kelly Smith and Christina Lynn Myers!). Limited supply, though, so get there early.

I will be posting ingredients when they go up for order (no time now!), so you folks with allergies don't get a rashy surprise. (Those are no fun. *points to spider bite in the middle of the face*) I think they'll be available, with the calendars, new coloring books, and, yes, Blackbeard's Rugged Brand Tampons, next week. Plus, awesome handmade fuzzy ears, and latex elf ears! I am, very, very sorry, but I won't be doing an Ursula t-shirt free-for-all this year. I've added/am adding her more popular designs to the giftshop now that submissions are open again (they weren't, last year), but the all-designs/all-color thing won't happen again for a while. A long while. On the upside, you'll be able to get a bunch of the best designs on other products, too, in case you just aren't a t-shirt person. And note that I'm making it all available WITH the calendar - no 'wait, combine shipping!' complications this time. It can be taught! And all in plenty of time for Christmas, even if I underestimate demand and have to re-order stuff.

Artists! Submissions for the giftshop will be CLOSED between October 15 and January 15. I am waffling about closing print services for that time, too. Please plan ahead!!

ARGH! Have to pay bills, scoop the catbox (it's starting to overpower the soap... blech), mat a big print, and make some product for the madhouse of the last two days.

Spider bite continues to recede, eye is far less puffy than it was, fair has been fun, holy cats, my studio is a disaster. I wanted to get it cleaned out while most of my stuff was at the fair, but running out of days. Two left!!!

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