Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Finding boundaries...

I broke a plate today.

I don't mean, I dropped a plate and it broke, or oops, a plate broke while I was doing dishes... I smashed that poor plate into the floor with it's poor defenseless piece of pizza and sat down in the shards and totally threw a sobbing temper tantrum fit.

At the end of my patience and energy and wits, seriously. Exhausted. Overworked. Angry at stupid things and every scrap of my composure is dedicated to shunting this aside so I can get things Done and SMILE at the fair and feel happy to see people I haven't seen since last year without just pretending and say goodbye to my parents without sobbing stupidly.

Not a plea for love and attention, just a public service announcement that if I'm short with you or snarl unexpectedly, it's not just you and you should feel grateful you're not a plate. I'm sorry in advance.

I feel really bad about that plate - I loved that set and it had survived for years without any losses!

Back to the fair with me now.

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