Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Avalon is fired.

Still no response from Avalon - but did get the quote from Bookmobile (with an apology for taking TWO WHOLE DAYS to reply - I refrained from kissing them), and will be switching the anthology printing job asap. It's a little more initially, but reprints are the same price, and it's not unreasonable. Comixpress says 'this week' on the coloring books. (Which is not as good as the previous 'today or tomorrow', but within reason, and hey, they TOLD me. My expectations at this point are really not THAT high...)

I think I may have way too much fun composing the letter to Avalon explaining that I won't need their services. *grins* Hey, I ought to get some satisfaction out of the hours I wasted with them and the two shows they missed for me... I will probably post a few versions of the letter here that I'll be just a little too polite to actually send. Dear Avalon - YOU SUCK. No love, Ellen.

Got the tents mostly set up already, Jennie and Ryan will be helping me get the rest of the display set up tonight, fair starts tomorrow at noon! Wheee! As Jake said to me this morning, you've done this for 10 years now! You always have fun! Quit freaking out!

(Discussed with him last night the idea of setting up my own printing operation, and, while it's a someday sort of thing... it's kind of a someday not never sort of thing! It would be nice to do my own work, to my own standards and my own deadlines. Would be after we built the second house, though, way down the line.)

Here, have some art...

Schudspeer is the character of Afke.

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