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Ellen Million

Signs of life?

Okay! Two calendars shipped now (Legends and Ursula's), and Comixpress wrote a baffling email saying they sent my coloring books in May. That was the PROOF, folks - I didn't get an invoice for the bulk of the coloring books until June, which they can see by checking the date of the payment in question! So they're all confused about which coloring books I need, and hopefully I've squared them away and I will get my darn books in a sooner than later fashion. They made noises about doing them TODAY, so that would be nice...

Still nothing regarding the anthology, which is where most of my time and love were invested... I am trying to decide - is it worth reformatting all the pages so I can go back to Bookmobile with this one at this point? (They did the Atlantis book, and I would have gone with them from the beginning if they had the option of full-bleed color pages...) If I started now, and got the book uploaded to their servers by Friday (which is do-able, I'm pretty set up for the fair at this point, and I think I could get those pages set up in 10-15 hours... a few late nights, maybe.), they could turn them around in 8 working days, plus the proof and mailing time there, and I could have them shipped directly to Kelly or Christina for Dragon*Con, at least, and I'd have them by... mm... 2nd week of September looks possible. It's that, or continue to wait some unspecified maybe-never time for Avalon to get their act together, and honestly, I'm running out of patience with them. They seem so nice and well-meaning, but let's be frank: well-meaning is worth very, very little in the business world. Results really do matter.

Request for a quote is off to Bookmobile now...

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