Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Rants and... hmm, no raves. Okay, a few.

Seriously peeved with publishers, and ready to escalate my paypal dispute with http://Comixpress.com into an actual claim. They told me a week and a half ago that they'd 'figure out what's up with my order,' and since then - dead silence. http://Avalonteam.com wrote to me early last week saying they'd 'answer my questions within a few days.' Since then, dead silence. Both of these companies were informed that I had a show starting THIS FRIDAY (like, a month ago, with rather regular reminders), and that I needed copies by then. Both of them should have mailed my copies a month or more ago. I appreciate that it's convention season and they've got lots to do, but their behavior tells me quite clearly that my business is NOT important to them, and that I am not anywhere near the top of their priorities. Which, well, fine, but it would have been nice to know, so that I could find a company that did me the service of actually filling my orders in exchange for my money.

First calendar (Legends) has shipped on the first leg of its travels. Doesn't show up in tracking yet, so I have not idea if I'll get it in time for the fair or not.

I hate it when things are so far out of my control...

Other than that, I think I'm ready to rock and roll. I would like to make some more matted prints to sell, and product of some of these new designs in general, but I've got plenty to sell as it is.

Got my art trade for RTH penciled last night while watching Sci Fi DVDs (A StarGate, a ST:NG, and two BtVS) because my brain was dead. Still need to write something for Crackle, too. Stupidly pleased with that website, still. My scanner is broken and keeps crashing Photoshop...

Torn World is making steps towards birth as well - script is coming along, have a two-year outline plan, and Laura's about ready to start with the storyboarding. Whee! And Fantastic Portfolios is slated to come out of beta on the 1st of September! Also whee!

Less whee? Now my email is broken. I give up! Going to go do some matting or something.

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