Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Caught up on sleep... but little else!

Flurry of framing and matting this afternoon for my parents, who are moving the week after next! I've been up rather late wrapping soap and labeling lipbalm and working on other packaging and fair-type things, so it was nice to sleep until noon today.

EMG-Zine and Torn World are down, down, down! Rargh! But the lilypad and the rest of the site are mostly back up, finally. They switched servers on me unexpectedly, and everything's pointing off in odd directions. Tornworld.net was pointing to EMG, and the lilypad was pointing to the hotlink site, which was truly baffling... I hope I don't have to re-do all those $%^*& subdomains, 'cause that would be an enormous pain.

I work M-W of next week, thursday I set up the tents for the fair (Hopefully Jennie will be back by then!), and Friday's the fair! Holy mackerel!

I think I'll be ready, but argh, the studio's overflowing! One of these days when all my stock and display are at the fairgrounds, I'll take the time to do a thorough clean-and-re-organize. I think I'm most stressed about the things that are out my control - calendars (which probably won't be here in time), coloring books (god knows when of IF I'll get them ever), and the anthology (which makes me want to weep!).

Going to go see Shakespeare in the park tonight with Melody, because I know I'll just work until 2 if I stay here. I might even come home and work until 2, who knows!

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