Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Lots of miscellanea!

Wrapping soap is strangely soothing - I love the smell, and the saran wrap tangles remind me of my very, very early EMG days before I'd discovered clearbags.com.

My parents are moving, and I've been cleaning a few last boxes of old, OLD files out of their basement. I've dusted off all the old EMG sales records, and oh, nostalgia! Every order I've ever gotten - even with my chronic lack of space, I couldn't bear to throw them out. Nowadays, of course, I just keep the compiled order summary - 5-10 orders per page of paper, printed out from the invoice software. But these - these are the order forms that people actually sent in, in their occasionally indecipherable handwriting, with little notes in the margins. Sometimes they have full letters stapled to them - friendly chitchat, questions, special orders. I found some of the old custom stationery I did. And a STACK of small press publications that carried my illustrations. I tossed boxes of old artist guidelines and advertising rates, rejection letters. I kept a lot, too: the letter from Mercedes Lackey granting me permission to sell artwork set in her universe 'until it started showing up in Walmart...', my first illustrating gig fancy enough to send a contract, the old catalogs and postcards, some original art I can't quite throw out, even if it does make me wince.

About to pack up and go to work for the day. (The workin' for the man part of my 'work,' that is.)

Need to get more card paper for a big wholesale order that just came in, and remember to take in my Jo-Ann's coupon. And more glossy laser paper. Most of the labels are printed (big shiny stacks of wrapped soap covers my kitchen table!), but this stuff is awesome and I keep finding new uses for it.

I have much to post - including some print services sales of the stacks of old paper I found in my parents basement. Fine stuff, just not anything I carry - some glossy, some canvas, I think, matte paper in brands I moved away from. It's been out of my inventory for ages, so I'll be selling prints on it at the cost of the ink, pretty much.

Hey, Portrait Adoption artists - we've got a whole host of rather juicy descriptions in the submitted descriptions area! If you're looking for art to do, check them out at the forums.

Also, one artist has dropped out of the Comic Con collective - if any EMG artist was late on the draw getting involved in that and can cough up $225 for their booth share in an ASAP kind of way, let me know!

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