Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Third and last soap set:

(Check out that perfect naked mole rat coloring!)

Sorry, there's no set ETA on when these will be available on-line yet - I have to have stock on hand for the fair (next weekend!!! ahhh!!) and Dragon*Con after that, and I surely didn't order enough for all that AND on-line orders. I wasn't sure how successful my packaging attempts would be, and it's not cheap Dial off the shelf. There's some leadtime at the soap-makers end, and the packaging is a little timeconsuming, and what with all that, and a desperate need to re-order t-shirts and a fingernail-gnawing wait on the calendars so people aren't piecing together various multiple orders, it's not right now. In time for folks to order AND send out again for Christmas, that's all I can promise!! I'm too uncertain about how everything will come together to put up pre-orders at this time, or believe me, I would.

These will run about $8.00, the Orange with bookmarks will be $8.50, and the magnet Chtulu set will be $9.00, I think, or one of each for $24.00. Not Walmart prices, but not Walmart product, either!

ETA: The Elder Clean is a sage and lavendar scent with mint and whole herbs layered on the top, the orange has ginger and cinnamon ground up in it, and the Mole Rat soap is sandalwood and heather - really delicious and clean smelling.

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