Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Random thoughts...

Soap is making my studio smell awesome. Mmm. I could eat this stuff...

Have conquered the wrapping for the soaps! My saran wrap fu has not failed me...

Lip balms look amazing! Smell tasty!

New purses and wallets are adorable, can't wait to see how they press.

Back is hurty.

Elfwood is getting ADS? Also, I miss elfwoodrants...

%$%#$&* calendar upload has failed about 12 times now...

Wish that Comic Con would write back!

Wish the boss would call so I'd know if I'm working today!

Wish the tote order would come in so I could fire up the heatpress and play with the new items!

So glad I live where I do - pretty, pretty day - the woods smell a little like cilantro, and there are big orange-striped moths flying around everywhere.

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