Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


The boss called in sick today. Heh!

So, no work this afternoon. Printing orders now, almost caught up! Then I get to experiment with soap labels, finish making lip gloss labels, and I'll actually have time for ahrt this afternoon! Oh, and I have to call Mustek and try to get my scanner serviced/replaced. Urgh, can't believe the fair is in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! AGH!

Finished the last bits and pieces of artist pay already, and put a few designs online, plus sent another nagging notice through Paypal's dispute resolution about the coloring books. Maybe it's bitchy, but it's been 5 days since their 'we'll look into it,' and dammit, I've been trying to get this thing printed since FEBRUARY. I'm entitled.

Inbox is down below 100 for the first time in weeks, and getting downright manageable! Shocking, I tell you!

Little nervous about finances. I've got a bunch dumped into soap, and a ton in calendars (to the tune of many thousands...), I'm all tied up with the coloring book that was supposed to have been shipped last month, and I'm facing bills for the anthology (supposing the respective acts get together), and $5400 due for 3 booths at ComicCon coming either sunday or the following week sometime. I need to re-order t-shirts badly, and letter-sized paper, and clearbags, but don't dare stretch that thin before I get some final figures on the anthology. I could - and may - open pre-orders for the calendars, but I wanted to do that when I had final soap pricing (which I may also do pronto, just out of sheer necessity...) and could also do Rugged Tampon t-shirts. Doing them as special/pre-orders is okay, but a little stressful, especially when folks miss the whole 'special order' thing and want to know where they are a week later... And since the calendars are making a little side-trip before they're shipped to me, I don't feel real hot about opening preorders on them, either. I don't feel like any of these investments are terribly risky - they're all really sound purchases with high likelihood of rather immediate return, if you ask me. Just... nervous. Stretched very, very, very thin.

Oh, and paypal just raised their freaking business plan rates by 50%. Frell.

Woops, printer stopped - off to feed it!

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