Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Airline security was so much fun leaving for Nome, I decided to go through it THREE times trying to go to Nome.

See, I'm a bad, bad girl, and forgot to unpack my dop kit after our last camping trip. I remember my liquids, and had my snazzy ziploc bag all ready to go, but forgot to check the sidepocks, where my engraved pocketknife was residing. So, of course, they catch it in the scan and pull me aside, and I have to do a mad trip to the giftshop for a random fistful of stamps and a padded envelope so I can mail it back to myself. Giftshop is inside security, mailbox is out. Have to go halfway through to get my knife on the 'unsafe' side of the security, much confusion and feeling Very Blonde and Stupid.

I've had bad luck with the FAA, I tell you. You know I have a record with them? Oh yes, there's a file on me, there is - I tried to bring EXPLOSIVES on the plane! They were actually food-safe sparklers, to put in fancy drinks, but they qualified as EXPLOSIVES to the FAA, and they tried to fine me more than a grand. (Nevermind that I bought them in the Netherlands and carried them through six airports before they were found...) It took like 3 months and several very polite letters, phone interviews and forms to get my fine reduced to $250 and a slap on the wrist.

(Ironically, Jake's the one on the no-fly list. Hahahahahaha...)

Barring my attack of the stupid, the flights were all fine and the trip was a lot of fun. I will not ever agree to live in Nome, but it was a fine place to visit for two days, and there's a great pizza/sushi joint.

A winter storm did some... ah... damage to the boardwalk by a historical train. (The train ran for a year in... um, 1910, I think, before they realized that rail over permafrost was pretty problematic, and they just left it there to rust.) The funny bare area is where the boardwalk was supposed to be.


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