Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Whoops... I got a job.

Not whoops, really, but, well, sort of whoops.

We needed the money (car... emergency room bills...) and they promised it would never be more than 20 hours a week, and it would come with full benefits (a particularly niiiiice retirement package) and they'd give me time off for the fair and hours were totally flex and if I worked 30 hours this week, I'd only have to put in 10 the next, and I could do whatever hours I want (not set in stone 8-5 this day or that... just whatever hours worked for me) and they make good coffee and did I mention the money? My boss knows about my business and totally supports it. I'll be doing drafting, office admin, web admin, maybe some engineering, but mostly drafting. It's not painful work - I like the people I'll be working with, and I think this is a good thing. I am closing commissions, of course, and not taking any new projects for a while, but I think everything else is totally within my ability to accomplish, and money has been causing much stress. Steady work is good. Not so much a failure of self as an offer too good to pass up... or so I tell myself. How much do you want, I was asked, and I gave them the price I would do it for. They said yes.

I've got some excellent candidates lined up to take over EMG-Zine and I've made a few gameplans about how it's going to work (quite differently) in the near-ish future, and though the new editor choice is now a tough one, I feel much better about its future. More on that soonish.

Soap for Ursula's labels is going awesomely - it should ship to me this week or early next, I can't wait to smell it. Lipbalms are in stock and smell fabuuuuulous, though I'm fighting a bit with the labels. Love the print quality, but the high-res material doesn't want to stretch around the circumference nicely and the ink flakes a bit. Will have to play more, maybe spray with fixative. They're better than a lot of the 'handmade/homemade' labels I see on stuff, but I have high standards. Must be PERFECT!

Convention Collective closes on FRIDAY, for those of you interested... almost certainly we'll get two booths at this point, and I'm jazzed about the group we've gathered.

Fantastic Portfolios is going to get a little bit of a portfolio revamp - the current system is guaranteed to burn out my critics, and I think the proposed changes will fix everything. EVERYTHING.

Gotta finish artist pay (well-started, need to do coloring books still, the Highlands results, and... um... something else)... and clean my disaster of a studio... finish calendars... update my page with commission (non) info... and... and... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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