Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Back, but....

Working! Doing more drafting freelance, because da money is good and I've got mad skillz.

Desperately need to get back into my list habit, because I feel very fly-apart right now and disorganized.

To do this week:

~3 calendars - need files for all 3 of them, but want them finished by the end of the week.
~Postcards/business cards
~Ad for Trina
~Drafting tomorrow at 10 AM
~Finish laying out labels for soap (ships next week) and lipbalm (in stock!)
~Get more work up.
~Coloring book?? Lower priority, seeing as I can't get a response from the company about the one I've got in...
~Finish edits for Anthology and send Vinnie after printers about answering my emails.
~Artist pay - script is finished, now it's back in my court... need to compile EMG-Zine pay for first half, too...

Writing/Art projects:

~Writing trade for Crackle
~Color on Rose White
~Wedding pic (waiting for NTP)
~Egyptian Zombie Lion model sketches (no, really...)
~Get something in for FAS
~TMAS for M
~Write for EMG-Zine

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