Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Needs more sandpaper...

Somedays, I fear I am unsuited for the job I have - I need skin far thicker than I have. Need to sandpaper my skin a bit, and build up the calluses. No, Ellen, not everyone considers you an obnoxiously self-centered, driven little twit. Mostly, that's just you, and if you let the idea that they might fester too deeply, you'll never do anything. And things need done, so do 'em!

Looks like I will be off for several days here - going camping, leaving tonight!

List before I go:

~Finish and mail orders
~Pick up package
~Unpack van and repack for camping
~Set away notice at lilypad, EMG, PA, email.
~Coupon layout to Trina

Twit, twit, twit, twit, twit. Now it's out of your system, brain, so shut up already...

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