Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Oh, that was a FUN trip - I took my parent's Rialta, which made the trip extra nice... no need to set up the tent, or worry about rain, plenty of room for EMG stuff, plus easy use of the sink and stove, a comfortable bed.

Except for the speeding ticket I got coming home in Willow that mars my totally spotless driving record and pisses me off no end, it was a fabulous trip, and except for the fact that I was in a stupid 45 MPH zone (I was stopped Right Next to a 55 MPH sign, no less...) I might have come out ahead money-wise even after WowBegeebuzGasCosts! Stupid, stupid, stupid! I wasn't going that fast! May that officer get fleas or ticks or foot fungus for his zeal... that was totally the stuff of a warning, not a $162 ticket!

New rack is worth every penny I paid for it, went up easily, and helped the sales of coloring books tremendously. Tent is still in great shape, I have never regretted that purchase, and Jennie and I can set it up in minutes flat now. The morning was drizzly, cold and utterly dead. By 11 AM (after opening at 8) we'd sold like one t-shirt and were eyeing each other with dread. But it picked up nicely, several people remembered us from last year and were really happy to see us back (and opened their pocket books to prove it...), we got lots of Anchorage vending dirt from the other vendors, and it was in general a really, really nice time. I never, ever want to hear Scottland the Brave again. Someone was playing it at least once every half hour the entire day.

Weather was stunning going down, I could drive the Rialta like a pro by the time we got to Anchorage, the hotel was shabby and next to a nude-y bar (and if I'd know we'd have the Rialta, I wouldn't have bothered with it...), we got to go to an AMAZING book store (Title Wave Books) and a GREAT art store (Blayne's) that they finally kicked us out of because they were closing, ate fantastic Indian food (forgot the name...) and the drive back (except for the speeding ticket) was very nice. It was cloudy and randomly rainy, so we didn't stop to paint like we'd originally thought we would.

And that, in a nutshell, was our trip. Three photos behind a cut...

PS: Very behind on friendslist right now, but a huge thank you to those of you who are posting about Fantastic Portfolios... it's so exciting watching that project take shape!!

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