Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Okay, Windoze...

What part of 'do not install updates' do you not get, Microbastard Windows? I told you NOT to. I specifically checked 'do not install.' Why are you prompting me to restart my system? Go to hell!

And you, website, get it together! It does not take several minutes to load pages! Why are you making me look so bad?! Quit erroring! I'll make Dreamhost reboot you! (*copy-pastes forum post into notepad...*)


Gaming was nice yesterday, I don't hate the painting I was working on anymore (though her boob is like a mile too low - I'll have to fix that!) and I got most all of the orders out yesterday that I needed to. Today is t-shirts. And some art. Why do I agree to do color on pieces, knowing how badly I detest it and how awful I am at it? Why, futhermore, do I always charge less for it than I put into it?? Oh yes, the sucking...

Fine, fine windoze. You win. I'll go reboot the damn system. Quit bothering me!

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