Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*noisy sigh*

Why must computers be obsolete SO fast?

Okay, so today I got Creative Suite 3. Yay! Ready to install! But no - my joy was premature, it refused to install because I didn't have Service Pack 2 installed.

I'm sure my computer-literate friends will be happy to tell me how silly it was to go so long without it anyway, but seriously, why fix what isn't broke? I don't get viruses on this thing (I used a non-windows firewall), I don't use IE, I don't use outlook and I am a nut about attachments from strangers, such that I view messages in plaintext only. Windows hardly ever freezes or crashes. I can manipulate big images and multiple programs just fine. The graphics on this thing are awesome. I was just going to wait until SP3, or possibly not ever bother upgrading it.

But no, my precious InDesign required me to go install it, so I did.

Okay, I downloaded it for four hours, then installed it.

Then rebooted.

Then rebooted again.

THEN I could install CS3. But no! It wasn't to be! How could I not have noticed that it requires a GIG of RAM?

Moreover, how could my computer not have a gig of RAM? It was a top-of-the-line laptop when I bought, only two or so years ago*? Cruel fate! Unfair irony!

So tomorrow, the laptop and I visit Geek City and see about an upgrade. I had not budgeted this, but I think I can do it, still. This laptop is awesome, and I'm not really wanting to replace it - I think it's got lots of life left and it might be nice to have a *really* zippy machine...

In more bad news, I think my scanner is dying! I've been getting streaks in my scans - horrible long vertical shadows every inch or so. It makes it basically useless for scanning anything to print in color. Has anyone else run into and/or successfully solved this problem?? It's a Mustek USB A3.

*Hmm, wow - maybe four years?

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