Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I got a lip balm order a few weeks back, just in time for my birthday, and I am so incredibly happy with it. *grins*

http://www.saskya.com/lipbalm/ is the site I ordered from (okay, I actually ordered from saskya directly before the site was up...), and OMG! I love this stuff! In particular, I ordered a tube of Peach Clove that I absolutely adore. It's fruity-spicy, not too strong, but not too weak, a nice, soothing consistancy on the lips and not sticky or greasy feeling, and it doesn't *taste* bad (which some do, when they have odd scents). This is so my flavor - if I were to ever design a signature scent, this would be it.

Check out the site, you can mix and match various flavors, and I was super impressed by the speed and service. I also got Sage Honey, which is a wonderful not-too-sweet smell, and clove, and Chai tea, which are exactly as they sound - the chai tea is quite mellow and delicious. She also tucked in Herbal Mint for me, which is as good as brushing teeth for a quick pick-me-up smell, and candy kisses, which is much sweeter (and Jake says he won't kiss me if I wear it, so that will be a daytime gloss while he's at work...).

She's got some new flavors in I want to try, too: watermelon and raspberry lemonade, in particular! I wonder if watermelon would go with clove? Maybe pearberry clove... Mm...
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