Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Art dump

For feeling like warmed up crap still, the muse has sure been doing her best to cheer me up and keep me moving... resulting in an awful lot of art! I'm getting near the end of a sketchbook, and that always seems to mean a lot of flipping back through it and finishing up some of the sketchy-sketchies. Lots of them have turned into PA pieces, and some are just art, some are fanart, and well, you'll see.

Comment and make my day!

A piece available for adoption here!

A piece available for adoption here! Not terribly fond of this one, so he's cheap.

Not available for adoption - she's been snagged! (submitted description) I used a dip pen for this one - my first in a long while. I love how flexible the line width is...

As has she! Though I will be custom-coloring this one for the client, too. (also a submitted description)

Currently claimed for a submitted description - just a quicky cheap option for the client. Another dip pen piece.

I further refined this. (Resla, of Kadanzer)

And finished and inked this little thing. (same character, with firelizards) Back to microns for this one...


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