Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Word for the day is dodgy.

My Internet connection is being dodgy today. That is bad, because I am SO behind. Guh. The downside (one of many) to being sick with an Internet business is that people don't stop ordering while you are lying in bed begging for sweet death. I suppose that could be an upside, too.

Anywho, just a headsup that I'm not able to answer emails, won't be on forums, not sure this will post, and generally grouchy about it all.

I have gotten lots of art done this weekend and this morning. I drew another dozen roses, and did the unthinkable and blocked in another whole SECTION of roses, which brings the total in this piece up to seventeen billion. I also finished two submitted descriptions, scanned a previously completed general adoption piece (it's up, but registered-only until tomorrow!), and generally had a nice time soaking in way too many TV DVDs and eating toasted bagels and soup.

Much work to do. Almost time for another major list, because my head has been foggy and I'm sure to miss big things. But I'm not sure this will post, so I'm not going to waste pixels on it, but will instead go start punching out paper for orders I half-remember getting but can't check because I can't get to my email.

Feeling better. Saturday I finally drug out of the worst of it, and though I'm still congested and a bit tired, I'm not comotose, and that's a plus. I don't even REMEMBER Wednesday.

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