Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Not Dead Yet.

The last two days have been misery. I've had multi-day migraines before, but nothing on this scale. Migraines at least fluxuate a little - you get little respites throughout the misery to make the misery that much more keen. But this... this was awful. I don't remember much of Wednesday, but yesterday was largely spent wishing for those brief moments of unconsciousness before the phlegm built up enough to choke me awake again and wondering if it would hurt any less to carve my sinuses out with a knife. Ugh. I hate being sick.

This morning, the headache, at least was gone, leaving me weak as a kitten, with the mucus monsters largely camping out in my nose and upper chest. I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day and the weekend (seeing as I've slept/napped/dozed into the afternoon by now), but did get caught up on the most critical of my email (grovelling apologies and explanations of delay due to desire for death).

My darling husband brought new-to-me StarGate home for me (Season 3!!) and lots of chicken soups, which I am actually feeling hungry enough to go make now. The couch is calling me back, this is about all I was up for, workwise...

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