Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I totally fixed my number one gripe with some of these EMG-Zine anthology pages... it needed more cowbell. So, I gave it more cowbell. Still more to do. (It NEVER ends, I swear! Everytime I think the end is near, I find six more things I can't stand not doing...)

MUST finish by the end of the next week. Think I can do so by Monday, but Friday is my personal Do or Die. Company says 7-10 days after that, 2 weeks shipping... ooo, we're getting close!

Then it will be into making print services play nice with the lilypad, and I've got a July deadline to get the scripts for Torn World together, and an August deadline to have calendars printed. Plus Ursula's book, and two commissions, and another coloring book or three. Woot.

Tonight, dinner and bellydancing with Melody (should call Mia, too!) and tomorrow, SM3 and Mexican with the bellydancing ladies. Sunday, I work on the house.

Today, 4 orders still to do, emails are already done, new work is already up, need to do some more of these 'cowbells' for the anthology.

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