Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Notes for day...

Lilypad: I really DO think I've squashed the declined -> delete bug that kept returning. This time, for real.
EMG-Zine anthology: ground my way through a few more pages. In the 'not happy with it' part of my mood cycle, but that may be because I'm doing the less pretty pages.
Print Service: arranged for in-town meeting with possible client, didn't get the order finished today that I wanted to.
Commissions: map done! Must print and mail still
Submissions for Giftshop: Handful of new ones up, more declined, feel like heel everytime I have to reject something, no matter how deserved.
SG-1: Down to half-episodes per day due to time crunch, and back to the beginning; finished part 2 of pilot at lunch today. :)
Tonight: load of laundry, gaming, mailing orders, complaining uselessly about lack of time...

PS: Toilet still brings me much joy.
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