Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG-Zine article ideas for July...

Our theme for July is computers!!

I would like reviews of computers that you've owned, or computer-selling companies that you've dealt with. Has a company given you the Best Service ever, or did they treat you like trash? Our readers want to know! Perhaps a review of the lightest, bestest laptop, or of something unusual, like an ergonomical split-keyboard.

Some article ideas:

~Speculative discussion on where computers will go in the future
~History of computers, perhaps with the angle of how quickly science fiction looks dated due to the advances in technology
~How to write 'timeless' sci fi due to problems above... some of it weathers terribly dated material, some of it really doesn't...
~Anything technical on images and image files
~Tutorials and tips for digital art or graphics! (I was thinking of writing a tutorial about actions in Photoshop...)
~How to build a simple website, or get started with hosting one, etc.
~CSS basics
~Shopping carts or services - could be short reviews, or an article comparing a range of the ones available
~Innovative computer add-ons that overcome disabilities - like reading software and such.

And of course, we're looking for fantasy and sci fi artwork and fiction in this theme, as well!

Complete guidelines: http://www.emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

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